I'm Yassine MOTIE

Teaching and Research Assistant at Aix-Marseille University

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Yassine Motie

Teaching and Research Assistant at Aix-Marseille University

Hi, my name is Yassine MOTIE. I am an optimist and easy-going person, I love meet and work with different people in different places in the world. I am presently an experienced engineer student from Polytech' Montpellier and a phD at University Paul Sabatier, France. I studied Master Degree of Engineering in architecture, engineering software and web engineering. Along with my engineering diploma, I am double master in Social economy in the EU. Through my professional working experience and a number of academic projects, I've built solid background and specialties in Web and Mobile Application Development, System Modeling, Database management and UX Design. Keen loving the idea of "simple and elegant", I want to make every of my product be visually user friendly, functionally easy to use and systematically intelligent and stable. My personal character and creative thinking always lead me to critique and optimize the works I conduct but never be blind or stubborn. Enthusiastic, creative, multi-culture and easy-going IT engineer, with a comprehensive knowledge of information technologies Full stack development, along with my academic background and related projects. I have been working as an engineer at CNRS Montpellier and as research scientist at LAAS-CNRS and IRIT and substitute teacher at University Paul Sabatier. I am currently working as Teaching and Research Assistant at Aix-Marseille University

The aim of this portfolio is to present the various projects I have worked on in recent years. You can also view my resume and download it or visit my github .

If you have a question, or if you just need some information, you can contact me by clicking here: Contact .

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Technical skills

The different domains I master



















Professional experience

My previous associations


Aix-Marseille University, SESSTIM

System engineering, Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

Teaching at the computer science and interaction department, involved in the areas of biostatistics, medical informatics, information and communication technologies, public health and health systems in developing countries, health economics.

Oct, 2018

CNRS,IRIT, substitute teacher at UPS

System engineering and integration, human computer interaction

Interoperability between heterogeneous systems in an open environment for the implementation of co-simulation.



CAPSIS Plateforme

Design engineer; The Phenofit model predicting species distribution at large scales has been ported from Delphi to Capsis. Phenofit 4 is currently being checked and the development of Phenofit 5, dealing with several species, is still under progress

Mar, 2014


DATA Mining

Vocabulary Acquisition Patient / Doctor, text mining


Afrique Partenariat

Analyste programmeur

Creation of a time management module for AP employees: management of working time, management of paid holidays and RTT as well as recovery days. Development, debugging and implementation of the system.


My school cursus


Doctoral degree (Honors)

LAAS IRIT Toulouse
June, 2015

Master Social economy in the EU (Honors)


June, 2014

Master AIGLE (Honors)

June, 2011

Bachelor SMI (Honors)

Mathematical Science and Computing


June, 2010

DEUG SMI (mention)

Mathematical Science and Computing


June, 2007

Scientific Baccalaureate with honours.


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Marseille, France



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